Halal Keto Diet plan Dr Axe

Halal low-carb “fat burner” 7 days

What the set covers:

7 daily high protein meal replacement breakfast shake.

1 x our creamy, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate protein bale with elegance for the week.

7 a day with lots of protein free snacks.

14 low-carb food ( 7 lunches and 7 dinners )

1 x cottage cheese cake

1 x beef meatballs spaghetti

1 x kashmiri genre of beef curry with lemongrass infused with brown rice with low gi.

1 x rosemary intertwined lamb

1 x coconut and linden breaded fish w / sweet potato chips

1 chickpeas and curry vegetables with brown rice.

1 x lean beef lasagna

1 x vegetable lasagna

1 x eggplant kumara and coconut curry with warm spicy tok and nutty rice.

1 x smoothly cooked chana dall with lemongrass infused with brown rice with low gi.

1 x cranberry, pepita and brown rice salad with poached chicken breast.

1 x fried chicken with seasonal fried vegetables and pan jus

1 x chinese chicken cashew

1 x tuna casserole macaroni casserole

High protein low carb diet

This is the ultimate project of ready meals to get rid of excess weight. This is a 7-day nutrition project with a low carbohydrate content to get rid of excess weight. It is served for normal athlete-oriented nutrition. Stick to a 7-day plan for optimal results. The ultimate weight loss project with a very large catalog of all meals. You will see the difference instantly. Healthy, portion-controlled and optimal food. Recommended date of receipt of results-6-8 weeks*

1200 nutritious weight loss program. This delicatessen project includes 7 meal-replacement breakfasts, 7 snacks (morning or afternoon tea), and 14 of our bestsellers with a low carbohydrate content.

Our low-carb dishes have proven their luck. It’s time to feel healthier and happier yourself. Our customers lose three-quarters of a kilogram a week. Join the program and immediately get rid of fat.* No preservatives : you will be able to idolize the difference made by fresh local produce. A thoughtful meal. Technical support: our plans are designed not only for weight loss, but also for health promotion. Food will alert you when you are full for longer. Proven results: our dishes are purposefully made by chefs, doctors and nutritionists.

Try it yourself!

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Note: the parameters will fluctuate according to the level of product availability at the time of packaging*

Disclaimer: all information is of a generalized nature, and the results may vary from beginner to individual because it depends on their personal reasons and individual needs. *

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