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Contact us. Tile Sticker (2020) - 2 Pack 0.0 / 0 (0) £35.00 Compare. Automatic driver recognition by way of a driver ID card. £549. Low Battery Alert. View your vehicle online in real time using the secure My TRACKER website. The category S5 tracker was launched in January 2019 when it superseded the Thatcham Category 5 and as a result Thatcham Category 5 was dropped. Insurance Approved, Thatcham Category 5 Accredited Vehicle Tracker. The five steps to repatriate your Range Rover. S5 Plus is a premium stolen vehicle recovery system compatible with all hybrid and electric cars. Suitable for all makes and models. Category 6 vehicle trackers are able to locate where a stolen vehicle is, but they are unable to remotely immobilise the vehicle (as in category 5) Thatcham category 7 – stolen vehicle location. The industry leader in vehicle security Meta has released a very high quality tracking system. TRACKER AND DAMSHCAM DEALS IF FITTED AT SAME TIME AS ANOTHER PRODUCT. £149.00 Compare. Shop Trackers. Thatcham Category 5 - Often requested by insurers for vehicles over a certain value (£70,000 if insured on a private policy of £50,000 if insured on a fleet policy).. Tile Mate (2020) - 1 Pack 5.0 / 5 … Thatcham Research. Thatcham category 5 car Tracking System List of insurance approved Thatcham category 5 car tracking systems with nationwide fitting service by the manufacturer - only Thatcham recognised installers and suppliers are listed below. In Car Advancements fitted a Thatcham Cat 5 tracking product to this vehicle with ADR cards and remote immobilistation. ScorpionTrack. Mobile Installation Service. ... Automatic Driver Recognition tags must be present when a Cat S5 tracker is fitted to a car, otherwise an alert is sent to the monitoring station. Meeting the insurance requirements by operating to the Thatcham Category S5 standard; product features include, vehicle battery disconnection alert, unauthorised driver and vehicle movement alerts. Thatcham Cat 5 has the strict requirements of needing a driver recognition card in the vehicle while driving. Tracker Team is an industry-leading installer of vehicle and fleet insurance approved trackers throughout the UK. Thatcham category 6 – stolen vehicle tracking. Tracker Team are specialist installers of insurance approved vehicle tracking devices throughout the UK. Thatcham Approved Vehicle Trackers. Call us today on 0800 246 5538. A Thatcham category 5 TRACKER provides you with the maximum level of security, including; Level 1 Police response, remote immobilisation, Police or Licensed security agreement, driver identification, motion sensor, street mapping and position data. Trackstar CAT5 is a tracking device for vehicle theft detection and recovery. This provides you with an added layer of protection against any form of key duplicates or electronic intervention. The device works by pairing a unique wireless tag to the tracking unit, and if the tag is not present, the system sends an alert as soon as your vehicle is driven off. Thatcham category 5. Cat S5-VTS PLUS. Thatcham security testing is considered to be one of the most rigorous in the world and acts as a benchmark for crime prevention measures internationally. Find out more . Smartphone App. With the system being a Thatcham cat 5 it will require the driver to carry a small driver card when entering the vehicle. WAS £599. Thatcham Category 2 is an immobiliser-only category – alarms are not awarded this status. Thatcham category 5 is the highest specification GPS stolen vehicle tracking device that is approved by insurers. HOW DOES TRACKSTAR CAT 5 WORK TO PROTECT YOUR RANGE ROVER? Available with the Tracker Touch app. DRST Tag. Find out more . The Trackstar Cat 5 Tracker Approved by Land Rover uses a slim line wireless tag paired to the insurance approved cat 5 tracker inside your Vehicle. Notifications will also pop up on the Remote smartphone app and the InControl website, advising you to contact the tracking team. The motor insurers’ automotive research centre. The device operates using GPS/GLONASS, GPRS and … For more information on Cat 5 and Category S5 differences please read our car tracker FAQ. Trackers which fall into this category still provide incredible levels of vehicle protection, but they don’t offer all of the same innovative features available with CAT 5 devices. TRACKER Cat S5 Plus is fitted by our Thatcham approved installers and exceeds all the insurance requirements of the Category S5 standard. A Cat 5 Tracking Systems is one of a number of categories that Thatcham have defined as the highest Class of vehicle security tracking systems. The certification provides reassurance around the functionality, design and performance of alarms, immobilisers and tracking systems. Thatcham Category 5 is the highest specification stolen vehicle tracking device that is approved by insurers. View details ONLINE EXCLUSIVE 159 views today. ... SmarTrack Protector Pro Global Thatcham Approved Cat 6 Tracker. View details 159 views today. Cobra Thatcham Cat 5 Tracker Review. Contact Us. Just like Thatcham Category 1 systems, a Thatcham Category 2 device has to isolate at least two circuits or systems, or one vehicle control unit that’s required for the car to … ... SMART TRACK CAT 5. For the first time, a Thatcham Category applies to the entire system – design, installation, maintenance and operation, with quality and security requirements being set and audited at every level. Sunday, 13 March 2016 | Admin. So you can be reassured that the functionality, design and performance of our Stolen Vehicle Tracking systems, can be trusted to work when you need them to, to protect your pride and joy. European Coverage. Cat 5 information >> We supply and fit insurance approved and Thatcham accredited trackers to all vehicle types including S5, S5+ and S7 (formerly Cat 5 & Cat 6) So, whether you have a high-end vehicle to insure, a fleet of vehicles you need to track or a teenager to insure to drive, we have the tracker you need. The major advantages of Thatcham cat 5 is the ADR cards and remote engine immobilisation. Smartphone App. Cat S5-VTS. SmarTrack Category 5 Vehicle Tracker We aim to install all systems within 5 working days Supplied and Fitted by MAX Security at home or at work Upon purchase you will be called within 24 hours to confirm installation date. Secure Tracker is a theft notification technology triggered if the vehicle's alarm goes off. This is a simpler form of locating your vehicle. To get in touch, please click the link below. This means even if your hi jacked the tracker call centre will be alerted instantly. In this event, the Stolen Vehicle Tracking Centre is alerted and an operator will contact you. All Thatcham S5 Tracker are monitored 24/7 by the manufacturers control room who will contact you within minutes should the device send an alert. Auto-arming GPS Tracker; Phone Notifications; Low Monthly subscription cost; Spread the cost From £7.40 per month. Trackstar CAT5 is also Thatcham Category 5 quality assured. SmarTrack are leading suppliers of high quality vehicle tracking devices and systems throughout the UK. But the main news on these Thatcham Approved Cat 5 trackers is the very low price they are supplied and fitted. Vodafone Protect & Connect 5 is a CAT 5 Based Tracking System. ... – CAT 5 Trackers were replaced with the new Thatcham Category S5 – CAT 6 was replaced with the new Thatcham … If you own a vehicle over the value of £90.000 it is quiet common the insurance company will ask you to have this system installed to allow the insurance to be valid. The SmarTrack Cat 5 Tracker offers remote immobilisation should your vehicle be stolen. Our recommended trackers are manufactured by SmarTrack. What is the difference between Thatcham Cat 5 and Thatcham Cat S5? Q class ‘aftermarket’ systems – non-categorised The Range Rover tracker utilises a wireless tag. ScorpionTrack. Cat 5 - Recognised by all leading insurers, generally only required for high-end performance or prestige vehicles. With My TRACKER you can also plan routes, set up alerts and get a host of other information about your journeys. Thatcham Approved 5/s5. ... – CAT 5 Trackers were replaced with the new Thatcham Category S5 – CAT 6 was replaced with the new Thatcham Category S7. GPS vehicle tracker. FitMyTracker offer free installation on all vehicle trackers. Cheapest Cat 5 Tracker. The Thatcham categories for Alarm and Immobilisers were launched in the 1990s and have become an industry benchmark. Thatcham category 5 is the top of the range GPS tracking system fully approved by insurance companies but if you still want an Thatcham approved vehicle tracking system with not so many features there are 3 main types of Thatcham TQA tracking systems to choose from. If this tag is not present upon starting the Vehicle's engine, the Trackstar Cat 5 Tracker silently sends an alarm as the vehicle is driven away. We provide nationwide installation service to our customers; our Thatcham-certified mechanics will come to your door, home or workplace, and install your tracking device to ensure that your Rewire Security insurance tracker works without a hitch. Both come with a unique tag that must be present when the car is moved. This system builds on the CAT 6 system also offered by Vodafone. Thatcham category 5. This means that your Range Rover will not start unless the tags are present. The installation of a Rewire Security Insurance Tracker is an important process and it needs to be handled by a certified engineer. European Coverage. CAT S7 GPS Vehicle Trackers. Thatcham Research and ABI Urge Government to Revise Plans for ALKS . A Thatcham cat 5 tracker is now called either a Cat S5 or Cat S5 with immobilisation. The SmarTrack Category 5 has been tested to Thatcham TQA (S5+) standard. The innovative car tracking device is approved by Thatcham, with a highly dependable category 5 rating. SPECIFICATIONS. From the start of 2019, CAT 6 and CAT 7 were replaced by a brand-new Thatcham Category: S7. DRST Tag. Features: All those of the category 6 and S7 (they’re both the same don’t forget). The idea behind an ADR card is to keep it on you and you can't connect it to your vehicles keys in any way, if you do your insurance will be void. As well as offering the standard stolen vehicle tracking with European coverage it also offers the enhanced features such as Driver ID … Thatcham category 5 trackers provide the maximum amount of security, including; Level 1 Police response, remote immobilisation, Police or Licenced security agreement, driver identification, motion sensor, street mapping and position data. 0800 246 5538. Ideal for cars, motorcycles, fleets and much more. ... Thatcham Approved 5/s5. Without the tag, an alert is sent to the monitoring centre and theft tracking commences . Cat S7-ALS. If no card is found … Category 5 trackers are ideal for high performance and high value vehicles, providing the owner with peace of mind that their vehicle is secure. Trackstar CAT 5 takes vehicle protection to the next level.

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