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Developmental testing was ultimately completed in April 2018. Under none of the plausible conditions analyzed did Joint Strike Fighter have a lower Life Cycle Cost estimate than three notional equivalent single-service programs. Publicly Released: Nov 20, 2020. Since our report, the F-35 program office has reassessed its approach to Block 4, and delayed its Block 4 contracting plans by one year. Jared Keller is the deputy editor of Task & Purpose. 1.5 The United States Department of Defense’s international JSF Program is expected to deliver over 3,000 aircraft to the nine participating partner nations, with the United States expected to acquire approximately 75 per cent of that total. This major multinational program is intended to produce an “affordably stealthy” multi-role fighter that will have 3 variants: the F-35A conventional version for the US Air Force et. The report added that the F-35A's cost per flying … The Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program is expected to develop and build a family of new-generation tactical aircraft for the Air Force, the Marine Corps, the Navy, and Britain's Royal Navy. The following is the May 13, 2020 Congressional Research Service report, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program. According to internal controls, agencies should communicate with Congress, otherwise it may not have the information it needs to make a fully informed budget decision for fiscal year 2018. The total cost of the F-35A Joint Strike Fighters is $17 billion. ]]> Published: Jan 21, 2021. DOD stated that it had already finalized the details of DOD and contractor investments associated with an EOQ purchase and will brief Congress. Published: Apr 24, 2017. Publicly Released: Jan 14, 2021. Recommendation: To ensure that DOD adequately prioritizes its resources to finish F-35 baseline development and delivers all of the promised warfighting capabilities and that Congress is fully informed when making fiscal year 2018 budget decisions, the Secretary of Defense should delay the issuance of the Block 4 development request for proposals at least until developmental testing is complete and all associated capabilities have been verified to work as intended. Published: Dec 10, 2020. F-35 program officials plan to release a request for Block 4 development proposals nearly 1 year before GAO estimates that Block 3F—the last block of software for the F-35 baseline program—developmental testing will be completed. ALIS is essentially an “information-gathering system that tracks F-35 data in-flight, relaying to maintainers on the ground the performance of various systems in near-real time,”, The Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson was quite, The Pentagon will be developing a new diagnostic system that will be “, Aside from increasing fleet readiness and increasing time in the air, the new ODIN software will. al. The overall cost of the program is far larger and the GAO reported that, in addition, “the program estimates that the sustainment costs to operate … After a competition between the Boeing X-32 and the Lockheed Martin X-35, a final design was chosen based on the X-35. //-->

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