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No (largely unnecessary) legacy video inputs here, but only the essence. Truth be told, most shows only offer 5.1 anyway. Maybe we can together make it work at the end. The initial setup assistant takes you step-by-step through speaker configuration, source connection, remote programming, and network connection. Indoor FM antenna (1) 5. © 2021 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. It should also be noted that the Pioneer VSX-LX304, which we received for testing at the same time, runs on the same software platform, but still offers slightly more options, including room calibration. Even the service guy who came to my house proved that its the TV that is causing the problem. Apparently the ARC is the problem. !I have updated my software at least 5 times since Jan 2019 and now the problem is EVEN WORSE !!! In early 2021, CNET Forums will no longer be available. DD plus is marketing hype. Multi Zone 133 7. Unlike most competitors, Onkyo (and sister brand Pioneer) is planning to launch a relatively large number of new receivers this year, including this competitively priced device. Anyway you have to invest in a Sonos Connect (449 euros) to bridge the gap between your Onkyo receiver and the Sonos system. Only available languages are listed: Details on: Specifications – Arc came back immediately. any BD player with CEC enabled should set up the onkyo properly when powered on (if so desired). The back of the TX-NR696 is a bit cleaner than the rival Denon AVR-X2600H that we had a few weeks earlier. I also tried with 2.0 cable (cheap model) and the problem was the same. Via the WiFi settings of iOS (where the Onkyo appears as an AirPlay speaker to be configured) or via the Home app you can connect the receiver to your WiFi network. Talking about the remote : Onkyo provides a relatively simple remote control. The LG detects whenever a 4K or UHD source is plugged into your receiver. . have with onkyo receiver and samsung tv, can't get the arc working. AirPlay was a bit tricky to find and setup but works just fine for Apple music, for example. Someone who likes to tune will not like the Onkyo interface, while people who find ease of use important will just like the Japanese approach. We all know the answer to that joke. The platform also includes devices other than AV receivers, such as Sonos-style wireless speakers. But why it keeps needing me to do that I have no clue! This display can be changed using the Friendly Name function ( p129) or Onkyo Controller (available on iOS or Android™). IT IS A SOFTWARE MISTAKE IN THE LG C8 OLED . Dunno. It comes with a subwoofer, and supports wireless rear channel speakers sold separately. last year. Learn more with 82 Questions and 118 Answers for Onkyo - TX 7.2-Ch. From close up it appears the front panel made of plastic, well disguised as metal. TOSLINK does not support Dolby Atmos, which is one of the reasons for having an LG OLED 4K UHD TV with an Onkyo TX-NR686. Comes with a future firmware update, says Onkyo. Strangely enough, you cannot bring anything that plays on Zone 2 from the receiver to the main zone via the app. So now UHD AND DEEP COLOR IS TURNED on and your 4K Firestick for example the Atmos 11.2 works. The summary: the Sonos integration works well, up to a certain level. Instead of explaining everything to you again, we refer you to our first test of Works with Sonos on the Pioneer VSX-933. You are offered relatively few choices, all in a very strict framework. But the industry is playing by a rule book designed to enrich the makers. ( I returned the defective TV and took a new box of the floor. Note: Initial setup requires that the receiver be connected to your TV via HDMI for display of the on-screen menu. No audio from content. Finally last night I got it working again after doing a factory reset of the receiver! You aren’t missing anything except the extensive bugs and headaches of the overengineered and poorly implemented ARC standard. There are six HDMI 2.0 inputs and two HDMI outputs. The connections are: TV ----- (HDMI/ARC) ---- PioneerXBOX ONE ---- (HDMI) ---- TV Now some examples (sound goes everytime over ARC to the amplituner):- on the TV netflix on, I only get a buzzer in the speakers- a movie (DD+ with Dolby Atmos) from a pendrive on the TV, I get a buzzer- a movie (DTS) from a pendrive on the TV, 5.1 works fine- on the XBOX netflix on, 5.1 works fine- on the XBOX a movie from a pendrive (no mather if DD+ or DTS), 5.1 works fineWhen I change on the TV ARC settings from auto to PCM, I'm getting sound in every example, but it's not 5.1I have restored factory settings on the TV and on Pioneer - nothing helped.Firmware 05.10.10Before the firmware update everything worked fine.Someone got a clou what to do? If you have a receiver with multiple zones, such as the TX-NR696, then each zone shows as a separate room. Miscellaneous 77 Quick Menu 78 Menu operations 78 Initial Setup with Auto Start-up Wizard 80 Operations 80 Troubleshooting When the unit is operating erratically 83 Troubleshooting 84 Appendix About HDMI 90 My TV had newer version 04.71.00 already. It is very austere by the standards of the A-brands among the AV receivers. Setup Setup Menu 62 Menu list 62 Menu operations 64 1. In our opinion, music lovers strive for a good combination of slightly warmer, easily controllable speakers with this receiver. On the musical level, the Onkyo receiver managed to “catch” us a bit less. One thing to watch out for: the higher HDMI inputs are not assigned to an input name by default. You have to setup AirPlay from the Network setup menu, keep diving deep. It works the same with the cable/sat input. alaTest has collected and analyzed 44 reviews of Onkyo TX-NR1007. The Works with Sonos feature is present on almost all Pioneer and Onkyo devices. Contents ≫ Connections ≫ Playback ≫ Setup ≫ 1. This fragment ends with a piece in which the MI team sails through the sewers of Paris with a boat on the tones of the MI theme, played by a military fanfare. actually installed and registered in "Initial Setup". If I am just viewing Netflix landing page with stereo I get audio. I've seen LG SKC9 47" soundbar units that have the Dolby Atmos "height" speakers firing out of the top face of the soundbar to reflect off the ceiling. For the ‘new’ Chromecast Ultra dongles, however, the port does not have enough power and you will still have to use a separate adapter. I checked all the connections, polarity is fine. As a result, you can also see any Pioneer devices present in Onkyo apps, and vice versa. Is that good or bad? This way you can easily insert a Chromecast stick. I've found that when relying on the ARC for the audio of content streamed from my LG OLED TV, my Onkyo TX-NR686 strangely displays the "TV" input on the front panel when I actually hear audio, even though I have nothing attached to the default "TV" input (nominally the analog Audio 6 port), nor is that input assigned to anything in the Onkyo OSD setup. SAME ISSUE, NO SOUND!!!. Hardware 74 6. Speaker 68 3. ( Raymond in Toronto at LG )Raymond has tried several times to communicate with the BIG WIGS at LG KOREA and they blew him off. Input/Output Assign 65 2. And so there are surprisingly many buttons and buttons on the TX-NR696. Netflix, for example, features a wealth of content already (e.g. If I change TV audio to PCM output l, I get stereo audio but can’t get DD+/5.1 Audio when watching the Crown for example. In terms of audio inputs, the Onkyo receiver offers what you expect on this. For example, you can choose the height channels from different speaker types, which is important. We are curious about the performance of these two upscaling techniques, but you cannot expect that they can expect discrete height speakers. With Onkyo ARC is working but only under certain conditions. Just replaced HDMI cables thinking that could be issue and no luck. It should also be noted that the Pioneer VSX-LX304, which we received for testing at the same time, runs on the same software platform, but still offers slightly more options, including room calibration. Onkyo still strongly believes that you should be able to do everything via the buttons on the receiver itself, a position that other brands are gradually giving up. The software mistake is this. After wasting hours messing with it. With Onkyo ARC is working but only under … I found that if you switch to a different input source without turning it off, like a blue ray player three arc sounds shuts off. Found this fix in another thread. The average rating for this product is 4.0/5, compared to an average rating of 4.1/5 for other products in the same category for all reviews. If you don’t like the Onkyo Controller and you don’t want to work with AirPlay or Chromecast for some reason, you can still work it out completely go alternative. Onkyo has been bragging with the THX label for years. And ARC is notorious for troubles like this. YOU ARE FORCED TO click OK ) you cannot get out without clicking OK. Just like the Denon AVR-X2600 this is an av receiver with many possibilities that allows owners to taste what a better device can offer. This way you can easily insert a Chromecast stick. It is a huge difference with the interface of a Yamaha, where you can set more things.

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