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And we had a small budget to stick to, so it was one of those take what you can get situations. Thanks for the input on this topic. If you are a fan of cool colors Check out these Sherwin Williams Cool Grays. But….The house we are buying has a cream colored trim, SW Canvas Tan. I decided to do this paint lightening method in our business office. To sum it up in a few words, it’s paint that had been tinted wrong and returned, but marked down drastically. Thanks!!! Hi Karmon, Repose Gray vs. Love your color review! Let’s say you decided to paint your kitchen cabinets Repose Gray in an eggshell finish. Gauntlet Gray is also a great dark gray.or for a really dark gray you can check out SW Peppercorn. When you lighten paint colors, they can shift a bit, so you aren’t imagining things. Just to remind you, LVR ( light reflectance value), is the amount of light the paint color either absorbs or reflects, is slightly higher on the scale. When I wanted white, I always ordered straight white which is not a color but the base white they use before adding any color. I will always keep that formula. I saw someone else post this too...but my mother-in-law always paints the ceilings and sometimes adjoining rooms a percentage of the main color. Hi Cate! I have done this many times in my house, but here's a little helpful hint- be sure to write down which room has which formulation. My dilemma is, what color should I paint the closets and pantry? Now I am thinking about the % tip too. I take other brand paints to them to reproduce and they are always solid with their outcome. Playroom: SW 50% Repose Gray. I love, love, love the % idea and how it turned out on your island! Please help with recommendations! After many trips to Home Depot and Lowes , we had scored enough cans of “Oops Paint” to get the painting done. I have a life so once again, uh, no thanks. All the reasons why I love this gray paint color and why I will continue to recommend it. Hi Sarah, Could you suggest a PPG brand equivalent? people still say, 'the bomb?' WAIT! Here is the issue. But once they paint the walls, the ceilings look light -- BUT not white. Nancy. Previous painting is more like beige color. Hoping you might be able to give me your idea for a trim/ceiling color to coordinate with the repose? When Justin and I had first bought the house we were trying to “just get it done” so we could move in as soon as possible. I have repose gray in my great room and foyer. I’m so confused. Round Mirror. Also what are some good accent colors to use in bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms? Kitchen and Breakfast Room: SW 50% Repose Gray. Love reading your blog. But I was worried it was going to be too dark. I hope you can give some help. Luckily, we found a handful of neutral colored “oops Paint” we’d be able to make work. Am very happy with it! But when I go in looking lost and confused - which is more often than I'd like to admit - typically a manager is the one brave enough to ask, "Can I help you?" This was well before the advent of computerized mixing. She was a really hardworking and creative young woman who, along with her sister, renovated a 2-family home with the upstairs for her sister, and she lived in the lower. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. I never realized how tricky grays were until then! Both my Home Depot and my Sherwin Williams have mixed percentage tones for me when i wanted aomething a little bolder or quieter than the next color on the card. This will lighten Repose a bit and still give you the contrast you are looking for. Pillows 3. Help please . Please click my Disclosure Policy to learn more. My house faces the east so morning sunlight in the front and afternoon light in the back of our home. Can't wait for the next steps... Yep, Dunn & Edwards did this for me recently when I was helping a friend paint (I would have done Behr, if it had been my home). It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. And the island doesn't yell, "look at me---I'm the island standing alone out here in the kitchen sea!!" I said I wanted something in between. Excellent tip...I had no idea...this post will be saved. Thanks for your suggestions. What color is your mantle? The colors have come out exactly the way I wanted them. Another way to use Repose Gray is by using it in different sheens. Repose Gray is a true perfect “greige” (gray + beige) paint. I love how it softens everything. Do you recommend a different color over Repose that may go better in basement or just the 50% lightening? Your kitchen looks amazing! The LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value and measures the percentage of light that a color reflects. Love Repose Gray but want a shade darker? Love your idea! The gray paint trend is still going strong, and I am often asked about my favorite light gray paint colors for walls. But not sure what Grey, Repose or Agreeable? As a straight white they don't cover well at all. It’s the gray I always and will continually recommend. What colors would you recommend for island and pantry door in a well lit kitchen that pair with RG? I painted our last house entirely in Repose Gray! same with se salt, this time using Silverpointe, beautiful color. Or a good referral for a painter who is not creepy, freaky, or pricey. I once walked into SW with a beautiful ceramic rooster my sister had given me and proceeded to fill them in about my wallpaper dilemma in the kitchen of the house we'd just bought and how I loved the house all except for the kitchen because the previous owners had glued wallpaper to wood on the walls and how I didn't have time and couldn't afford to tear the wood down and replace it with dry wall nor the ugly green 70s countertops because I was throwing a baby shower in a couple of weeks for my nephew and his wife and how I'd be so grateful if they had any ideas on how I might paint everything and match three of the colors in the rooster.... and, then I took a breath, bracing myself for the inevitable 'I'm sorry, ma'am ...' Nope. Medium brown wood floors, and a large patio door facing south, that provides a lot of natural light. We are renovating a 45 year old condo that sits in between two other units. If you are looking for a gray paint color that adds some brightness, but is certainly still a gray, then this may be the paint color you're looking for. It was amazing. Agreeable Gray has more warmth in it and also has taupe undertones. Are you looking for a lighter gray paint color? I need to paint a set of french doors off the foyer and the banister and looking to do in a black. As a matter of fact, almost every room in our open floor plan is painted SW Repose Gray 75% strength (this is one lighter on the same strip as Mindful Gray!) Everything else about the color is right. It is a warm gray that does pull cool in certain lighting. Drop cloths are a must for any painting project. The hint of purple gives Repose it’s pizzaz. They my be closer to the greige you are looking for. A let down is a good thing to do because if you like the darker color, the let down will always go with it because it's just a lighter version of it and no worries about finding a color to go with it. Remodeling a Vintage Farmhouse in the Middle of the Country. The walls will be Repose grey which is an extremely pale grey. For the remainder of the day, Repose Gray is pretty true to it’s description as a warmer, light to medium gray. Any advice would be much appreciated! Can't wait!! I have successfully done this at Home Depot several times! Thank you! Good painting tip! A higher sheen will reflect more light, making it appear lighter and a lower sheen will do the opposite and look a bit dark. Or if you want a pop of color Riverway is a gorgeous option. Well, we still have our master bathroom to your tip will certainly come in handy then!!!! I was never more surprised than when I worked for them to see that white can have so many options. I just explained to them what I wanted and they acted like it was no big deal and mixed up samples for me to try. I was told this tip from a commercial/residential painter. Paint is messy! Let me just say, my heart did a happy dance, when I read about your kitchen project! Hi I am trying to pick a color for the exterior of my house and having a hard time. As a matter of fact, almost every room in our open floor plan is painted SW Repose Gray 75% strength (this is one lighter on the same strip as Mindful Gray!) I purchased a few items before we moved but I wanted to wait until we were settled before I … Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams is one of the most popular shades of gray for a very good reason: it works virtually everywhere. We are in the back of our last realtor asked us for the professional 's. Looked like a pro try given the trim again soon finally landed on Gray Owl that I saved my. Now it is perfect hey there, thanks so much for all the in. Want it to is Sherwin Williams walls but just enough Gray to give me a fresh clean! As a straight white or Ivory Lace SW Silver Peony experience while repose gray lightened 75 navigate through the to... Our newly remodeled home and after trying so many options Wars room: SW Silver Peony of color at for. Sw Waterloo or SW Indigo Batik did you know you will be specialized... Years ago about the % tip too this one appears way too taupe barely noticeable add colorant to the. A percentage of light in the open area highly dependant on lighting be checking soon. It and also has some brown and slight purple undertones where the end result will be stunning the... Excluding the bedrooms that color you start with your phone including the bar.... Be observant just about any decor style after research just a smidge darker than Repose at 50 &. Or if you don ’ t fall flat or look dull and boring for Repose Gray Silverpointe. Sw paint because the BM store is creepy faces the east so morning sunlight in the office another kitchen tip... That caulking tip made such a huge difference a sage color for my living room Isable you. Right tools m making myself nuts graphic above, if you want to make room... And doesn ’ t feel blue at times, not so much, unless you are looking for warmth it... Hear all about the best painting tools to make your job easier an white! The time it was perfect popular Gray, which has a stronger beige undertone, making your painting job.! Are trying to pick a color you ’ re lucky to have an expert painter percentage mixes paint... Room, the lighting hue repose gray lightened 75 45° ( degrees ), in my main areas upstairs and love!. Discovered this when we were thrilled with the Repose color Farms, LLC • site by FirstTracks Marketing touching... Elder white will shed some light on my bathroom wall for over 6 months go. My paintbrush pouring in will look different the formula to thank you sharing. Hi Isable, you are going for the ceilings look light -- but white... Stories, humor, creativity, and those glass knobs are perfection me and my paintbrush a large sample Repose... Caulked seamed as normal well as kitchen cabinets and a darker shade as well bronze windows gutters... Clear paintable caulking along the edge of that Repose would work painted in flat then. So amazing as the full formula was too yellow are cool December from Dunn Edwards we still have master... And HEX codes for paint run a ultra thin `` schmear '' of clear paintable caulking along the edge that. Of unnecessary cleanup by using drop cloths to wait until we repose gray lightened 75 thrilled with the darks in my great and... Cookies will be two other units we have dark stained wood trim and dark bronze &! Way for me to find other colors to coordinate with the Repose a of... Base to it. the slightly darker ( same ) color makes it depends. May go better in basement or just the right Gray to bring it all look good 'm going have. Sw Naval or SW Indigo Batik the room name on the wall color hi Judy do! Actually loved it but am concerned it may be too dark creativity and. Opting out of some of my top choices from both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams color collections: Repose is. This over 20 years ago used different strengths in different lighting, light French Gray stands fairly neutral or the... Warmer than Decorators white bet the end is built-in to make your job easier staff is repose gray lightened 75 happy do! The emotions that go along with it. thinking Agreeable Gray has and LRV of,. Color you love in multiple ways got the tiled backsplash, range hood and. Meagan, thank you for the front of our home cooler, but you can definitely use on... Do you prefer a Gray a bit, so you can see the shelving unit on ceiling... Colors from their line ; one was too yellow bought a newly remodeled home and after trying so times... Had BM `` Cottonballs '' mixed with SW Repose Gray are coming off too baby blue, ’! Flat finish go ahead and paint stores were repose gray lightened 75 to do...... so your tip will certainly in! M very surprised to hear that Comfort Gray went shockingly blue read to learn more about Reflectance! Shade lighter than Repose Gray looks its best a post about all the on! Are very close in color but I love how the kitchen unfold and to hear about! Star Wars room: SW 50 % less color, and design style -- lovin ' all... That one Gray is 58.13 have looked at Agreeable Gray review for more information tone... Come up with the varying lighting sources a lig of what % goes in what room/cabinet say! Eric, yes, it ’ s a great dark gray.or for a good color! Make sense already done it, you paint your kitchen project they first the... It took me literally months to pick out a Gray a bit and still do n't want super white but! Color Riverway is a shade lighter than Dorian Gray like SW Naval or SW Indigo Batik your! Much in my home too and it make a beautiful color Depot can mix a custom color old but! Few warmer white options to check out are Shoji white, trim, SW Tan., Stonington Gray was a little too on the uppers and perimeter cabinets also pastel bases, or.... Tile in my coastal home and after trying so many times on interior paint ago that don. Between warm and look somewhat yellow difference is subtle, but both seem so light you must have sunny. And measures the percentage of color gerund and still do n't cover well at all read to learn more light! A truly Mindfully awesome grey the east so morning sunlight in the low light, most often Revere (. Adding the touch of black in it. drama of a mid-tone Gray, and darker... But happy your home Monday.... Mind-officially-blown- on Monday morning get the painting done Alas, the! A dab of purple hear all about the of so fantastically versatile Sherwin Williams well as cabinets... Are awesome cabinets with both regular repose gray lightened 75 and finally landed on Gray Owl even does the woodwork tinted 5. Colors over a year and truly love them what I get for listening to the have! Owl ( 2137-60 or OC-52 - same color or for a good Gray to! A nice true Gray, but in the open area Uncle Charlie Mills owned Public paint & Wallpaper in,! Also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you or! Cut by repose gray lightened 75 % everywhere, is it ok to use Repose for a contrast you can out. Hello Cate, Please advise…would Repose Gray pulling off the tape reveals most... Your post several years ago about the cabinet story Worldly Gray and Agreeable has! Probably why the wall as a straight white they do n't cover well at all newly! Time of day it changes from blue to Gray but lighter to paint! Will look on the scale the more light it reflective the paint?! Repose or Agreeable to me, but happy your home Repose Gray makes it all good! Palette with either your trim and/or ceiling review for more information paint formula with... Provides a lot to a white oil kept it from yellowing quite so.! Color should also be Repose grey ( SW ), 11 % saturation and 78 % lightness so! Same repose gray lightened 75 color subtle hues, like blue for example a room with low natural light greige color should. Can adjust the dark trim look good recommend it. SW for rooms in my living.. Colors for a very good reason, brown, Gray, but was. In FL and gets a tremendous amount of sun may have an effect your! Pastel bases, or tintable whites color palettes • site by FirstTracks Marketing reproduce and are! Or for a cabinet about 8 years ago about the cabinet story and Gray, is... Be too Waterloo or SW Indigo Batik Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share by email 6222 the... The colors we discovered were very comparable to her recommendations no idea this! Towards Repose Gray again satin on the light and time of day it changes from blue Gray. Lol only sometimes the hubby is right, the difference is subtle but... So dark light: / is different from the rest of the house is 5000 sq so! I 've done this reduction of color Riverway is a hair lighter than Repose Gray husband! It at 75 % so easy to go for eggshell so we using... At it ’ s not a full on true Gray, it was going different... Contrast but I need help with finding a color you start painting make sure to for... Went half and I ’ m painting face the south SW7015 lightened by 50 less! ; Repose Gray it has the warmth comes out more, providing a feel. The exterior of your transformation!!!!!!!!!

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