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We had already discussed this in our previous article of “Will Naruto Die in Boruto Chapter 52”. You can get in touch with me at [email protected] But It wont happen. While Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto did say that he doesn’t mind killing off main characters like Naruto and Sasuke in the Boruto series if … However, is this even possible? Fans will be glad seeing Naruto making the Ultimate Sacrifice in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 52 as Hokage will it can prove to be a do-or-die … All Rights Reserved. Will He Kill Naruto? Naruto himself is the best cameo one can ask for in the series. Naruto is an integral part of our lives. Hagoromo gave naruto the Yang seal, which is regarded as sunlight. Nevertheless, a new problem has arrived and must be addressed immediately. He would most definitely have lesser chakra and strength. 5th Ninja War: Is It Inevitable in Boruto? However, with Jigen revealed in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation to be possessed by the mysterious Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, Naruto finds himself in a very human position, facing a villain like no other: a true alien god well-positioned to consume all chakra on Earth.Sadly, Naruto falls in battle, but rather than dying, … As of the latest chapter, Sasuke is still alive in Boruto Manga after his battle with Isshiki Ohtsutsuki. Because Kishimoto would never kill off his only creation, which brought him fame, money, and respect. To know about the Baryon mode, go read our article on the Baryon mode in detail! – We will discuss all the above-mentioned questions with proper facts and speculations that are probably running through your mind now. Boruto Uzumaki will not die in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Will Naruto die in Boruto series? Will Naruto DIE in Boruto series? During the fight between Sasuke and Momoshiki, Naruto tries to move but says his body feels lead. All will become in the new chapters. We shall shortly discuss it in today’s article Will Naruto Die in Boruto? If he were to be responsible for Naruto’s death, the anime community would not be very forgiving. – We will discuss all of the aforementioned … Boruto only seeks to become a strong ninja doing things his own way. Since the Vessel Arc is in its final stage, chapter 52 of the Boruto manga showed off Naruto’s Baryon Mode. Well if you are reading the Boruto manga, you’ll notice that Sasuke has a lot of death flags … That’s the beauty of Kishimoto’s characters. What happens in he does? It is to be noted that Naruto was rumored to die in this series for a long time. Naruto Death in Boruto Inevitable? There is no way he can come back to life until anyone attacks Jigen. Since the inception of the Boruto manga, rumours about Naruto’s death or being sealed have been running wild. I don’t think that we will have a definite answer to this question so soon, however, we will definitely get closer to it. In conclusion, it is almost impossible for Naruto to Die to Boruto. The first argument would be that Kishimoto didn’t have to kill Naruto to keep the series running. Naruto Death in Boruto Inevitable?”. I believe that Kawaki/Isshiki will kill Naruto. (UPDATED), Berserk Chapter 364 – The Hype is Real, Another Masterpiece Underway, Rent-a-girlfriend Season 2 Release Date and Updates. Recommended: Why Reanimation Jutsu Is The Strongest Jutsu In Naruto Series? Naruto marries Hinata, it seems they were meant to … The promotional video involved Boruto and Kawaki prepping up to fight against each other on top of the Hokage faces with the village destroyed in front of them. What Will Happen if Naruto Actually Dies in The Boruto Series. The reason Naruto died in the Boruto Manga. What fans expect is that Kurama is dead in Naruto and has resulted in Naruto’s immobility. I have been writing about anime since I was a kid. Or i think it’s just a rumour as Naruto would not die so easily and he has Sasuke too 🙂 So it’s kinda drag. And fans literally watch Boruto relive the glory days by seeing cameos of veteran Naruto Characters. Darling in the Franxx Season 2 Release Date Confirmed? Boruto Chapter 49 Source: VIZ Media. We Know that Baryon mode reduced the life span of Naruto during his encounter with Isshiki. Plus with Naruto death it would put the pressure on Boruto to man up quickly and via Sasuke to become stronger training with Boruto. In Chapter 52 of the Boruto manga, Naruto lies close to death and Kwaki has been summoned to the battlefield. Does a Tragic death glance ahead to Naruto in Boruto? Fans always wondered if Naruto would die in the new generation of the franchise. Logically speaking, that would cause chaos in the anime community with many mixed reviews. However, he has been put in a perilious situation after Momoshiki Ohtsutsuki manifested in Boruto and attacked him. I reckon that he’ll have an extremely shortened life, let’s say a few years at max; (which is great?). Naruto’s death has indeed been foreshadowed on many occasions, but will Kishimoto actually kill off his most priced character? The discussion of Naruto's untimely demise in Boruto Chapter 52 commenced after seeing Kurama saying, "Do this or you will die." MAPPA’s efforts in using CGI for Attack on Titan Season 4 have been shot down brutally by most anime fans. But Naruto can never be out of chakra due to Kurama. Will Naruto die in the manga centered on his son after entertaining his fans for more than two decades? According to Boruto Manga, he is still not dead but he has been sealed away by Jigen. Doubts related to Boruto Franchise: Is Naruto or Sasuke going to die, is Naruto still … It seems like the Momoshiki manifestation in Boruto is complete and Isshiki has Kawaki as his time is about to run out. Possibilities and Updates! Given that Isshiki has just arrived in Konoha and fight is about to start, nothing can be said for certain. While this will arguably be one of the saddest moments in animanga history if you ask me. The killing of Sasuke as a sacrifice would also be an excellent idea to give Boruto the necessary character development. That’s all for today guys. Keeping in mind that we don’t know what will happen to Naruto, let’s discuss all the possibilities: Let me set this straight, I am completely fine with Naruto dying like this; it will be a hero’s death. Naruto’s death might seem possible due to this only fact. What will happen after Naruto dies in Boruto? But luckily, Naruto nearly escaped death due to Kawaki’s heroism. There is no surety for anything to happen. Naruto, though, always had the goal to become Hokage … 8 WON'T DIE: Due To Kawaki's Words Naruto Uzumaki's death has been teased since the very beginning of the series where Kawaki was fighting Boruto in the prologue. Ultimate Sacrifice!! Kurama or Naruto will die Then the second leak comes from a blocktoro page that says if it seems that Kurama has committed suicide and gave all of his chakra to Naruto while using the monster tail procedure. Still, it would serve a great purpose as Naruto could focus on guiding his children completely and also rethink his choices and the situation he’s in and bloom a new perspective towards life. And take my word for it, the anime can make or break an anime series. But he’s not dead, I’m sure 10000000000% sure 😉 🙂 Naruto’s death may or may not happen at this point. Will Naruto Die in Boruto? Masashi Kishimoto created Naruto in 1999 and his story ended in 2014. If you are following the Boruto series then you must have to know that the Boruto manga has shown that Naruto Uzumaki has died. Does a tragic death await Naruto in Boruto? Sasuke is an emotionless person who never shows unnecessary emotions. Does a Tragic death await Naruto in Boruto? What will happen after Naruto Dies in Boruto? Who Was The Traitor In The Red Scabbards? P.S. Who will Kill Naruto? All we can do for now is speculate till December 20. Horimiya Episode 4: Everybody Loves Somebody – Here is What You need to know! Contents Naruto death in BorutoWill Naruto die in Boruto?Conclusion Will Naruto die in Boruto? The latest chapter ended with Sasuke extremely worried when he saw Naruto lying lifeless on the ground. Do you think Naruto will die in Boruto? In the end, Boruto gains his consciousness and breaks the horn over his head. But then Sasuke notices Naruto lying on the ground and is surprised. If we were to consider any of the three conditions mentioned about Naruto surviving, then he might be able to seal the Hokage after gaining the powers from his Karma seal. It's simple like that And, Kawaki has killed the 7 th Hokage. Kappa Nice dream dude. Despite his poor condition, Naruto recovers and avoids death once again. Boruto Chapter 55 Spoilers Predictions for Naruto and Timeskip Boruto Chapter 55 spoilers will be out a few days before the manga release in the form of a magazine cover or raws scans leaks. Isshiki will be stronger than ever and has the power to defeat Naruto … We have reached the end of “Will Naruto Die in Boruto? We can expect characters like Boruto and Sarada to go through huge character development/change and the fight with Isshiki/Momoshiki Ohtsutsuki to intensify to massive extents. Naruto Does Not Die In Boruto Chapter 52 When Bouruto: Naruto Next Generations released we were all hyped due to its teaser. The latest arc of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has brought the greatest threat that Hidden Leaf Village has ever had to face: Isshiki Otsutsuki and his ruthless Kara organization. After going through chapter 52 a few more times, there’s a chance that he can switch out of the Baryon mode. Why this new mode can make Naruto die. Is Naruto’s death in Boruto inevitable? The first you might have is “how?”. Stay Updated with Spoilerguy to know more. Hope you guys enjoyed the article and have all your questions answered for now. If there's any character that needs to die it's Cho-Cho, or Boruto, Or Naruto, Or Himawari, Or everyone....fuck it just kill off everyone and we'll pretend this series never happened just like Samurai 8. screw that i'm still going to spill my opinion since this is a public site. Boruto Episode 145, 146 and 147 Release Date. ❤#NARUTO #BORUTO #narutoredraw #Reels #Tweet #hinata #death #life #story #Video pic.twitter.com/P8dbXx0n9I, — Uzumaki Naruto (@PostingAwkward) October 27, 2020. If he were to be responsible for Naruto’s death, the anime community would not be very forgiving. Black Clover Chapter 281: Asta’s New Union Mode With Liebe? Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto, began in 1999 and ended in 2014, telling a satisfying story about its ninja protagonist.And yet, not two years later, Naruto was back in action, or rather, his son Boruto took center stage, with a movie in 2015 and a manga debut in 2016. Since the inception of the Boruto manga, rumours about Naruto’s death or being sealed have been running wild. Some fans live and breathe because of Naruto. In conclusion, it is almost impossible for Naruto to Die to Boruto. @shikamaru ~Swipe ~ ️Click the link in my bio for the best Naruto merch • • • • • Follow @otakusdrip for more From the starting chapters of this manga, he and Sasuke were rumored to be dead. Will Naruto Die in Naruto? If the Seventh Hokage ends up in this stage for a few days, we can expect Shikamaru to ask Kakashi, the sixth Hokage to reacquire the position till the time Naruto recovers. But for now, he has sealed away. … “Baryon Mode: Naruto’s Final Form Explained!”. On top of that Naruto has always been a bright person, someone who has been compared to the sun and light before multiple times in the series and he guided the shinobi world to new light, which is peace. While this isn’t new to the series, the series itself has kind of trolled us in this arc when Naruto was sealed by Ishhiki. To know more about Baryon Mode, check out our article on “Baryon Mode: Naruto’s Final Form Explained!”. It teaches you and shows you how to live; besides, you can choose literally any character from the Naruto Series and learn something profound. It is expected that Naruto will either die or go into a coma as things are not looking good for Boruto’s father. Black Clover Chapter 280: Devils Of The Highest Order. He made us believe Naruto would die in Chapter 52, but he didn’t. Unlike an anime character’s death, we are talking about the Main Character’s death, which is solely responsible for the entire series to run successfully; his very name is the title of the anime series. Is Sasuke Really Nerfed In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations? Will Naruto live a short life? Or maybe Sasuke, the shadow hokage, takes up his place (if he is alive that is). It is very likely that Isshiki will place his Karma on Kawaki as there is no one that can actually stop him. He has impacted our lives so much that Naruto’s Life Lessons are far greater than School Lessons. He could also slip into a coma how the fifth Hokage Tsunade did during the Pain Invasion arc. Or i think it’s just a rumour as Naruto would not die so easily and he has Sasuke too 🙂 So it’s kinda drag. Recommended: 5th Ninja War: Is It Inevitable in Boruto? Naruto dieing in Boruto, that mean naruto has ended and has given up! We are also in process to provide an original & inspiring platform for budding manga/artists and writers who want to try their hand at becoming the next Akira Toriyama and have their works published, The Red Scabbards are the retainers of the Kozuki Family who bore the weight of Oden's legacy. We will update this article after the release of Boruto Chapter 55 with more content about Naruto’s Death or Will Naruto Die in Boruto?. Who Has Killed Naruto? In the Boruto Manga Chapter 50, Kurama asks Naruto that is he really ready to die? One Piece Chapter 1003: Yonkos vs Super Novas. The third and the worst-case would be Naruto being out of commission; he is unable to fight, spend chakra or even stand. Because of Kishimoto. Why Reanimation Jutsu Is The Strongest Jutsu In Naruto Series? If this happens, we can expect the whole ninja world to be devastated by this news. To know more about what would happen if Naruto Actually dies in Boruto, check out What Will Happen if Naruto Actually Dies in The Boruto Series. Naruto dying while protecting the shinobi world in such a glorious fashion is all that we could ask for; its something Naruto will be proud of. Believe it or not, Naruto is probably dead in the Boruto manga series. Naruto does not die in the Boruto manga as Boruto and Kawaki team up to rescue the Seventh Hokage from the sealed container that Isshiki trapped him in. Ultimate Sacrifice!! But Naruto’s death would not be the best choice, and even a mentally unstable kid would know that. The Boruto Manga gave the plot set by Naruto several unexpected twists, but the most intriguing one of them is the possible death of Naruto. It is also likely that Naruto and Kurama may exhaust their chakra as they’re going to do everything that they possibly can to stop Ishhiki from implanting his karma seal on to Kawaki. The Karma mark in his body is currently overwriting his “data” with that of Momoshiki’s. Let’s see what the original author Masashi Kishimoto has in store for us! Boruto apologies to Kawaki and Sasuke smiles as his student is back. Now, I'm a full-time blogger at Spoiler Guy and a part-time student in Bangalore. Does Naruto Die in Boruto? While on the surface it looks like Naruto is dead, his wording suggests that he's sent him to another dimension with a space-time ninjutsu. Hey, I'm Joshua and I'm from Chennai, India. Is Naruto Death in Boruto Inevitable? Will Naruto Die In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 53 is scheduled to … Also, every chapter since then has been ending with a major cliffhanger that confuses fans on a whole new level. Who will Kill Naruto? This is my first post here and i guess based on my topic i will receive a lot of hate lmao. Due to a sudden change of events, Kishimoto has hinted on many different occasions the possibility of Naruto’s Death. Will Naruto Die in Boruto? This proves the fact that fans can be very skeptical about issues such as this. Naruto Death in Boruto Inevitable?Â, Previously in Boruto Chapter 54, we saw Naruto immobilized and unconscious. So, it seems absolutely clear now that somewhere down the line Naruto is going to … Kawaki. Because Kishimoto would never kill off his only creation, which brought him fame, money, and respect. But he’s not dead, I’m sure 10000000000% sure 😉 🙂 he’s emitting a lot of energy and will die off after he expends all of it, just like how a sun does. He has given up on his life, i hope naruto dieing in boruto is only a rumour and not true. Pearls/Stones Shop: https://twitter.com/UF_Loot Order form: https://t.co/ikvvTa2EBOTitle: Naruto's Possible Death Explained! Attack On Titan Collaborates With Free Fire, Animehunch is the best place to catch up and discuss everything related to anime, manga and Japanese art content in general. Sasuke’s Death in Boruto, Will Sasuke Die in Boruto? Naruto “Last Battle” Character Coming To Naruto To Boruto Game, Boruto: How Masashi Kishimoto Can Improve The Series. Ever since Kishimoto took over the Boruto Manga series, nothing can be confirmed. The series particularly shares the journey of Boruto, the son of Naruto Uzamaki. HAHA XD! Naruto Death news created a stir over the internet. This is also the reason why genjutsu is useless to him because Kurama can break the genjutsu. So if he himself looked astonished at Naruto’s state, then it is severe. Also, check our article on Sasuke’s Death in Boruto, Will Sasuke Die in Boruto? Subscribe our newsletter to stay updated. He has given up on his life, i hope naruto dieing in boruto is only a rumour and not true. Well, Naruto got a new form while fighting Ishiki and it seems the new form comes with its own side effects. Looking st the current situation, we don’t think Naruto or Sasuke will die anytime soon.. Will Naruto Really Die in Boruto Manga? Boruto is the sequel series to Naruto, continuing to tell the ninja tales of the Konohagakure shinobi. Naruto died from using his new mode but was reminded by Kurama that it could threaten his life. Here are several theories that can be proposed, including: Naruto’s Consciousness Is Lost. Strongest Characters In Jujutsu Kaisen, Ranked! Boruto had no respect for his father instead looked to Sasuke who is not better than Naruto. The fandom is running wild over this new power up. The ninja protagonist came back into action with his son taking the centre stage in a movie in 2015. Who will kill Naruto? Naruto Uzumaki once used to be an ostracized orphan child who was shunned … While Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto did say that he doesn’t mind killing off main characters like Naruto and Sasuke in the Boruto series if needed. Boruto: Who is Kawaki? But, still, Naruto can die in Boruto series in the coming manga chapters. In this new model, it looks like Naruto … Naruto Death in Boruto EXPLAINED. Will Naruto Live a Short Life? This is one of the most asked questions in Boruto. Naruto acted like he wanted attention but there was a reason for his actions, and Boruto has no such excuse. Again if Sasuke die, he die. Naruto in his accomplishments and skills is set far apart from his son I put his father as a Olympian, and Boruto … Is that moment going to come this soon in the series? Is Naruto dieing in Boruto, that mean naruto has ended and has given up! The new manga revolved around Boruto, Naruto’s son, and became very famous in a short time. This could mean he is out of chakra. And yes Naruto becomes Hokage before that but after getting one-shot by his own daughter (so young too)! Fans are worried the beloved legacy characters may not make it through the new anime, but it seems very unlikely that Naruto will die. Why? Now, who could seal Naruto in the future? © 2021 - Animehunch. By Devang Shukla Last updated Nov 24, 2020. My Hero Academia Chapter 300: Hawk’s Next Move? The writer of Webtoon series Koi No Yokan. Honestly, i think YES even though this would be the last thing i would ever wanted in my entire life.

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