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Le Samouraï de Los Angeles - Jimbo Jet. Jimbo was a new plane built for London airport, but he was incorrectly built because the engineer mistook centimetres for inches so jimbo … Of our own favourite cartoons, we plucked two cherished characters that also happened to be easy to draw: Bananaman, and Jimbo – from Jimbo & the Jet-Set. Herkex Terfed. Jimbo and the Jet Set/Thomas Jimbo and the Jet Set/TUGS Jimbo and the Jet Set/Theodore Tugboat Jimbo and the Jet Set/The Simpsons Jimbo and the Jet Set/Toy Story Jimbo and the Jet Set/Peter Pan Jimbo and the Jet Set/Jungle Book Jimbo and the Jet Set/Robin Hood Jimbo and the Jet Set/The Little Engine That Could Jimbo and the Jet Set/Jack and the Pack An episode from the 1986-1987 BBC 1 TV show created by Peter Maddocks (who also made "The Family Ness" and "Penny Crayon") called "Jimbo and the Jet Set". Jimbo and the Jet Set: Press Out Mobile It certainly does to Jimbo who is, in fact, a miniature 747 Jumbo Jet, built by a shortsighted engineer who mistook inches for centimeters. It has 3 … 1:12. Jimbo and the Jet-Set E 5. Sometimes size does matter. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Addeddate 2020-02-10 00:46:30 While it had little to offer in regards to technology, it made its mark with these other features. The series takes place at the fictional London Airport and follows the adventures of Jimbo, an anthropomorphic aeroplane who was intended … There are 25 cartoons in this animated television series. A diminutive, talking 'Jumbo' jet-plane called Jimbo often infuriates the airport controller.. His pals include other talking planes and ground vehicles like Tommy Tow-Truck. 6:21. Jimbo and the Jet Set (often shortened to simply Jimbo) is a British animated cartoon series broadcast in the 1980s, featuring the adventures of the eponymous Jimbo, a talking aeroplane. With Peter Hawkins, Susan Sheridan. It was created by cartoonist Peter Maddocks who also created The Family Ness, Penny Crayon and Caribou Kitchen. Created by Peter Maddocks. Jimbo and the Jet-Set: Volume 1 UK VHS (1987) by luke brough. The Jimbo and the Jet Set Episode Guide, which aired from 1986. Follow the world-wide adventures of Jimbo, the lovable little junior jet with big ideas, in twelve episodes from the popular BBC television series. Jimbo and the Jet Set. Publication date 2020-02-09 Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0 Topics vhs. It's Based on The 1986 Series. Jimbo and the Jet Set: Press Out Mobile [Maddocks, Peter] on [1] [2] No Brasil os … Herkex Terfed. Our house was always more Childrens BBC than CITV, and because we lived only ten miles from the border with Northern Ireland, we picked up all the UK TV channels. It stars Peter Hawkins and Susan Sheridan. 6:08. Criado pela Maddocks Cartoon Productions LTD., teve produzidos originalmente 25 episódios que foram exibidos entre 1986 e 1987 na BBC1 no Reino Unido. Based on the popular TV show of the same name, this ride became one of RG Mitchell's most popular because of its convenient size, price and theme. Jimbo and the Jet Set (conhecido no Brasil e em Portugal simplesmente por Jimbo) era uma série em desenho animado inglesa dos anos 80, estreando as aventuras do epônimo Jimbo, um avião falante. When Father Christmas' sleigh is stolen, Jimbo needs to help deliver presents all over the world. Jimbo and The Jet Set is an animated series broadcasted between 1986 and 1987. In 1998, OMC/Kidzstuff Made A Jimbo Kiddie Ride Based Off the show Jimbo and the Jet Set. Jimbo and the Jet Set (1986) producers: Maddocks Cartoon Productions animation: cel animation episodes: 25 x 5mins "JIM-BO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!" Herkex Terfed. 772 likes. Jimbo and the Jet-Set E 16. Jimbo and the Jet-Set E 17.

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