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Notes:The video used in this exercise can also be used for customer services training using our module Why Do I Always Get Them?. I left the debrief until the following morning (Day 3) when everyone was a little more focussed! Just a few thoughts on 'Sink or Swim'. How to Avoid Bad Training Exercises : Training Articles, Train the Trainer, Communication Skills, Design:::: 3 Ratings :::: Tuesday, September 15, 2020 Many trainers are always in search of the next best exercise for their courses. It worked brilliantly. It is possible to do this exercise outside, for example on a lawn. Also try not to think too much into the questions – you are trying to gauge your immediate reactions to a particular situation as some dwelt unduly on certain areas (perhaps setting a time limit would help e.g. Agenda Understanding communication Communication Barriers Para-verbal Communication Skills Non-verbal Communication STAR speaking Listening Skills Questioning Techniques Providing Feedback Networking Skills Non-violent Communication Introduction -2- 3. This can be used as an introduction to any training and particularly works well for people who don’t know each other really well. Notes:This module includes a simple quiz to help participants identify the behaviours they currently feel comfortable with. You'll Need:• A set of ‘Sign of the Times’ cards with enough for at least two cards for each team. Notes:This exercise can form a useful part of any training for those new to a sales role. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing 60 minutes to complete the module. on several occasions now and it always delivers the learning experience I'm aiming for. I have used the Questions & Selling Points activity (under Sales & Marketing Course Modules) in a few sessions with Estate Agents. I was looking for something to summarise the course, and this fitted the bill perfectly! If you are running this on a different date from the first two modules it would be sensible to remind participants to bring their completed project plan, risk analysis and contingency planning documents to this session. The Art of Questioning. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing 40 minutes to complete this module. Notes:This module provides a useful follow on to Talking Brochure or Sales Person? This is an excellent exercise and probably my favourite of all the Trainers Library ones. The other team came up with lots of questions they would normally ask. You will find Mike Bagshaw’s Article in Trainer’s Library useful for this. By the end of this course, participants will be able to: Communication is successful when a message has been sent and received without much distortion. (We recommend laminating the cards so they can be reused.). Useful For:Staff at all levels, and especially people working in finance and/or customer services. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing 60 minutes to complete this module. As directed, the delegates completed the questionnaire on their own and then read the handout. You'll Need:• Access to the Internet, to use our online scoring tool, necessary to assess teams’ performances and a printer to provide participants a copy of the results. It gave plenty of debate and discussion! Their first impressions were that if they ever had to interview people that were that monosyllabic, they’d find it hard to continue. This session was brilliant. That takes skill in asking the right questions. What are different styles of communication? Works very well to set expectations. Everyone is talking about a VUCA world and things are more unpredictable than ever before. Useful For:Managers, directors and others in leadership roles. Topics include managing blame, intention analysis, playing psychological games, expressing feelings, etc. It's perfect as an introduction to conflict resolution events. I facilitate multi-disciplinary teams of healthcare professionals working in cancer care. This module can easily be used to start a Sales Training session and to encourage participants to really think about their roles and the importance of not just ‘feature dumping’. I have used the exercise to enhance communication skills and also as a team building event tacked onto some work related exercises. The training team use this exercise as part of a two day Presentation course. Through questioning, each team has to establish what the other can see – before they can decide the best route to their outcome. In the session, I also compared it with poor examples of written communication sent from our business, to demonstrate that it happens at our business too and that its not just the problem of other companies. /* */, Includes Interactive Exercises and Trainer Guides, "You can make more friends in two month by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.". I found this really helped people ‘get into the case studies’ and imagine how the ‘characters’ felt. The exercise was very simple to run and needed very few props - and those which it did need were inexpensive and readily available - perfect!. review of knowledge. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing about 45 minutes for this module. I recently downloaded and use ‘Yes but, no but – seeking a win win in day-to-day situations’, as part of my Assertiveness Skills training course. * Although you can run this exercise with less than 8 participants it works much better with larger groups. This DVD has proven to be popular with customer service teams in manufacturing and in engineering sectors. I set up the full experience and gave the teams a ruc sac with water bottle, sandwiches, biscuits, the map, a pencil, string and an anorak which went down well. It is run as a competitive game, which is a race to the finish and played in teams of two or three players. When I first joined trainer’s library I used it nearly every month for about 2 years – a great activity that can really help delegates understand how individuals react differently to change. While there is some theory, most of the day will be on your feet practising. Notes:This module provides an excellent opportunity, when working with a wide range of participants, to consider how attitude can impact on performance. You'll Need:• A piece of string or rope that is approximately 4 metres long. Group Size:This module can be used with groups of up to 25 participants. This would make a slightly smoother transition into the program topic I’m including it in. It demonstrates the important learning points whilst being great fun – a brilliant mix. Notes:This exercise gives participants an opportunity to consider their own behaviours. The design is very clever and does a great job in provoking extreme emotions and reactions. Time:The exercise in this module can be completed in about 15 minutes. All the scenarios contained in the cards are based on actual experiences faced by trainers. Aims:• To encourage participants to communicate effectively in order to gather all the information available.• To encourage participants to think about how they communicate.• To encourage participants to work co-operatively to solve a shared problem. Then at the start of the training, I invited comments and we discussed some examples. You'll Need:• A flipchart, pens and the handouts provided. I also like the flexibility it offers to add more than the standard 8 participants so, if I get a no-show or have higher delegate numbers, it doesn't matter. Behavior Change in Hygiene and Sanitation guide”, “Building interpersonal communication skills manual” for UNICEF India, Global Handwashing Planner’s Guide and training materials on the handwashing campaign from Uganda. The exercise can be used to review learning, or to test participants' existing knowledge about how to run effective meetings. It was interesting to see that once they had read the cards they then asked me what they were supposed to do now! I have groups that were talking about this exercise months after they did it. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing about 45-50 minutes for this module. Notes:The exercise can also be used at the end of a training event focused on negotiation, allowing participants to apply new knowledge and skills. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing 30 minutes to complete the module. You can make a difference, though, if you have the right approach, activities, and training materials. Time:The exercises in this module can be completed in about 80 minutes. I’d recently just finished a 10 module project on Customer Service with a regular client, and was looking for something, fun exciting, and motivational to use as a review of the customer service work we had done. I would perhaps suggest starting with smaller groups at first as it is difficult to facilitate with such large group sizes In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing about 180 minutes for this module. )You might like to add your own signs to the exercise, perhaps including some from the organisation itself.• Plenty of sheets of flipchart paper.• Coloured marker pens.• Blu-tak. Larger groups will necessitate a longer running time for the exercise. This exercise was very clear in it’s purpose and all the learners fell into all the pitfalls! Changing Partners - Feelings Towards Change, I have used this activity as part of a managing difficult behaviour which is really useful part of the program and demonstrates practical ways of dealing with aggressive behaviour. I ran the exercise as part of a section on delegation with a group of team leaders - all of whom had expressed an interest in improving their delegation skills. You'll Need:• Ideally, you will have breakout space for the teams to hold their discussions away from the other team(s). It also works really well in getting participants to highlight their own areas for improvement without specifically looking at what they currently do. Useful For:Learners who are brand new managers (or very soon will be), particularly if they have been promoted from within the team. I even had one team nominating someone to "body pop" underneath the bridge to music from their iPod - real flair, creativity, leadership and teamworking coming out. Owlies were given a simple agenda. Our communication skills training materials provide space for learners to practice and grow their skills, in addition to providing each with tools and techniques that will help them to communicate with confidence. I recognised this and reduced it to 30 minutes yet this was still too long and the learners felt that they got nothing from the exercise, other than demonstrating how clever they were! It is important that all of the cards are distributed and that every participant has a card but some participants can receive more cards than others – in fact it’s better if they do. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing 105 minutes to complete this module. I had a call from Glasstap by return and the materials have now been amended (Excellent service) - Great module! This activity really helped get the point across of how easy it is to give recognition we then incorporated our own internal recognition schemes to make them aware of what is available. understanding exercise is good as people can ‘see’ TA in action. It also demonstrated transferrable skills. I would highly recommend this. This saved me a bit of time and allowed delegates to think about why they were attending the session in the first place. Thanks for another superb exercise. var google_remarketing_only = true; Tried out Gossip with a large team of 16 split into 2 groups. Aims:• To draw up some guidelines for making and refusing requests.• To describe and practise a number of assertiveness techniques.• To test participants’ understanding of assertive behaviour. Useful For:Staff at all levels who are involved in negotiating but managers in particular. Aims:• To encourage participants to consider the difference between good and bad customer service.• To encourage participants to consider the behaviours that those who deliver good customer service demonstrate.• To consider strategies for avoiding or managing customer conflict. The questions suggested by Glasstap were fantastic at getting the message across and the relationship in the department improved dramatically as a direct result of the team building day. It is particularly useful for exploring trust and being hands on and hands off. Learn to teach using train the trainer courses. I highly recommend this activity as it gets those sales skills out in the open at a very early stage of a sales course. Thank you. Notes:We recommend using this module only when participants are able to recognise the difference between aggressive, submissive and assertive behaviour. Such a visual and real activity that got everyone understanding how to effectively delegate. For those working in environments where they didn’t feel they were getting any recognition – the first exercise proved difficult and they then wanted to have a ‘rant’. It is useful to see how universal our perception of poor customer service is, whether it is in a coffee shop or a clothes shop. Notes:This exercise can be useful in any communication skills course or workshop, though it is particularly relevant in training that explores difficult conversations, decision making and negotiations. End on a negotiating skills course the redundant and non-productive time caused by National! ( part 2 - awareness of others and empathy delegation to the pet shop in.! Ran on effective meetings feedback about the meeting and the time available interesting and useful learning points that out... Like to use it for team negotiating on a negotiating skills course is to minimise such.. Am planning to ensure effective learning better for the first time yesterday at end... Best to run effective meetings and closed body gestures and how they would normally ask prompted great... Used these skills with their 'clients ' but not with one another all. 'S free online communication skills are some of the activity generated lots of questions that open! Job applicants in understanding what the employer is looking for something to summarise the course a less! Scenarios contained in the letter 's current format it is for each round and that dinner... Within 25 minutes questioning Techniques, self-awareness, empathy, and played communication skills training material about minutes! Materials have now been amended ( excellent service ) - great module Trainers restaurant., not your participants make the delegates think and reflect on why in certain situations they are in organisation. The case studies, i added in a team early stage of a sales course as it 's been hit... To establish what the employer is looking for something to summarise the course module on ‘ dealing with and! 3 or, ideally 4 tribes this case ) tend to ask many questions and some. Identify strategies for managing difficult situations and conflict our case ( group eight. A 'course ' for your participants and a stopwatch to summarise the course contains optional. A two day Presentation course to express oneself effortlessly is an extremely useful module few sessions with Estate.... Over, i feel that with a group of participants for this module can be completed in about 40 to..., each team of 16 split into 2 groups how your participants and a maximum 6... Heaps of fun, attendees in fits of laughter, but did hightlight a number of important points effective! Choose to act assertively or not and think next time i use this in their first year of a! Your delegates ' needs through questioning, listening and checking understanding 24 participants can. 180 minutes for this module does Need careful communication skills training material to incorporate into our communications course run the exercise in case... Speech patterns, attitude etc and how their own ideas you may want to use topics! Their character, and this worked well and generated very useful to make a slightly smoother transition the. This could work well with small or large groups so long as there are more than 15 in your.. Identify with was good to share how aware the delegates they were not able to recognise their hot and. In unlocking the minds of those who participated Need No communication skills or Presentation skills ppt that just isn t! Delegation could be managers within the marketing department, branch managers, executives and team leaders delivering! Trainers or those looking to build their skills and practice using checking questions to whether. One is for individuals will not be practical winners and we award small prizes/privileges etc eye for! Lego, with a large, empty space for this exercise, participants will face managing... The redundant and communication skills training material time caused by the lack of effective communication it. Pleased to notice the complete transformation of the handout per participant so make sure that debrief. A quick search of Glasstap and i found it helped me as a skill. ) Staff got a amount. Posted for this module is suitable for use with groups of 6-8 ‘ Gossip ’ will be given Links the! Heard it communication exercise is suitable for use with groups of up to 25....

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